Name : Aaditya Karki

Birthplace : Kathmandu, Nepal

Main Filed: modeling and student

Interest: Acting , modeling, Dancing, playing Football, reading books, and travelling

Modeling start: 2 years ago

Music video: 2 yet 1 coming soon….

Film entry : I don’t know much about modeling, knowledge, experience, ideas, etc. But I will come clean in the days to come. Although I didn’t have much knowledge, experience, ideas about the movie, I had the opportunity to see something in the movie Laure. Despite that, the movie has not been realized. It will definitely come after some time now. With your love, support, encouragement and inspiration, I am thinking of uplifting the Nepali film industry by working hard these days. Future plan Becoming a successful actor, model in the Nepali film industry.

Photo Collection: Mr. Aaditya Karki,Model


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