With the time Nepalese fashion and modeling fraternity is spreading its wings at international scene. In similar context recently Nepalese fashion choreographer and media person Rojin Shakya has conducted a grooming session for a National level Indian Pageant. The grooming session was been conducted virtually through Google Meet for Miss & Mrs. Heritage India 2021 being organized by Mrunal’s Entertainment & Grooming. The grooming session was majorly been focused on self-awareness, stage presentation and positive mind set required for the contestants being in the competition.

After the grooming session the participants of Miss & Mrs. Heritage India 2021 expressed that the session was very fruitful and provided valuable guidance. Regarding the session One of the participants of the competition Priyanka Shinde said ‘It was interactive and eye opener training session, great knowledge and deep undertaking from this training session’. Likewise, Gauri Thorat expressed ‘I saw this session as a motivational… I mean literally … it’s like go out there and search, develop and present the better version of you yourself, that is what I seek to do now…. Amazing sessions.’

Miss & Mrs. Heritage India 2021 is being organized by Mrunal’s Entertainment & Grooming and is scheduled for the month August 2021. The event would select the winners who would officially represent India international pageant called Heritage Pageants being organized by Eplanet Pvt. Ltd.


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