Sanjit Bhandari, who has been dubbed as a playwright in Nepali films at the Spiny Wabbler Film Festival, has won the Best Actor award. The shooting of Bhandari’s latest film Andhi Tufan-2, which had earlier won more than a dozen national and international awards from the film Lamphu, was completed only yesterday. Some of his Big Banner projects are also being prepared.
More than 125 long and short films from Pakistan, Philippines, India, USA, Japan, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries participated in the Spini Bubbler Film Festival 2021 organized by Spini Movies. Other long and short films and documentaries, including Quineto, have been the best at the festival. President of Nepal Film Artists Association Rabindra Khadka, Senior Film Writer, Director and Actor Mohan Niraula, Protagonist Dhiren Shakya, Bijay Ratna Tuladhar, Senior Lyricist and Journalist Shanti Priya, Journalist Suman Bairagi, Suryachanda, Jyoti Prakash and other Nepali films were present in the program. And there was a significant participation of artists working in the field of song and music.

Spini Movie, which has been organizing various programs for the promotion of Nepali films, has organized this kind of festival for the first time with the objective of taking Nepali films to the international level and introducing their art and culture to the world. Husnet Azad has told. The event, scheduled for May 1, was postponed due to Covid-19. The event concluded on August 18 with a ceremony between a limited number of artists and media personnel.


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