Arjun Pokharel’s words song and song by Sujata kc with best wishes for Haritalika Tij, the coming great festival of Hindu women
Singer Sujata KC’s song ‘Singing and dancing and rocking’ has been released on her own YouTube channel.

After Sujata KC, who is very interested in song music, released this song, which has very sweet and original lyrics, it has reached more than 60,000 viewers. In the name of Teej song, many songs of Teej have been coming in the form of duplicate songs, using slightly vulgar words, and there are people complaining that the original Teej songs have started to disappear.

According to the sentiment of the song, the music video has been prepared in an equally sweet manner. In the video, popular models Usha Upreti, Loshina Lamichhane, Abha Thapa, Binu Shakya, Rashmi Bhatta can be seen performing attractive dances. Directed by Shantosh Rajbahak, the video was shot by Ram Kumar KC and edited by Bikash Gyawali.


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