The multi-faceted founder who has set 110 world records including the Guinness Book of World Records in various genres of song-music and literature. D. R. Upadhyaya has again done a new work in the world in the field of music. The melody (tune) of 25 different songs composed by Upadhyaya and composed by the world record-breaking musician Santosh Shrestha has been played by 25 musicians on the keyboard one by one. Upadhyay informed that the program was completed under the chief hospitality of Chudamani Devkota, former president of Nationalist Songwriters and Songwriters Association of Nepal.

In the ceremony, Santosh Shrestha sang ‘Raising the head of the child’, Sagar Adhikari `Sharad’ sang ‘Tilicho Lake’, Devendra Neva sang “When I didn’t get a glimpse of you”, Surya Dayalu sang ‘Swarthy Cha Duniyaan’, Prem Aryal sang ‘Urlining Uhan’, Dhanesh Pariyar sang ‘Kaini’. Ghumtima you’, Narahari Lover’s ‘Blowed by the wind followed you’, Kavya Acharya’s ‘Welcome to my sister-in-law’, Manju Upasana’s ‘Mutubhin Mutuko’, H.B. Sunar’s ‘This heart is with someone else’, Bedu Saru Magar’s ‘Thirty-two symptoms’, Tulsi Giri’s ‘Passionate’ in ‘everything in society’, Prakash Mishra’s ‘We are in the sky’, Praveen Baraili’s ‘Stealing the heart’, Dilip Lama’s ‘Tim mero khoho love’ ‘, Jyoti Prakash played ‘Kasam Yo Maat Ho Pirtiko’, Raj Sagar played ‘Poisonous Thorn You Have Planted’ and Subas Pradhan played the lyrics of ‘Sapniima Aryadayo Tu’ on the keyboard.

Similarly, Deepak Chaulagain wrote ‘Janna mukhatin Ooni Achel’, Pushkar Khatri wrote ‘Every form of life’, Ashok Baral wrote ‘Jhimjhim Pareli Jhimjhim’, Satis Shah wrote ‘Your every wish’, Surendra Shahi wrote ‘Inside your eyes’, B.P. Wagle played the tune of ‘Sagarmatha Himal’ and Tilak Bhattarai played the tune of ‘Dasain Tihar Ayo’. It is known that this performance will be registered in the world record in the near future.

Record Dr. Hundreds of songs from Upadhyay’s 30 albums have reached the listeners/viewers. Similarly, his ‘Bajrghat’, ‘Tagi’, ‘Bhakyachakra’, ‘Unholy Shadow’, ‘Swarthy’, ‘Bituli’, ‘Athirith’, ‘Dagabaaz’, ‘Unfinished Prem’, ‘Rani of Dreams’, ‘Coffee Love’ , 14 novels like ‘Mary Priya’, ‘Virus Love’, ‘Kasur’ have come to the readers and it is known that the 15th novel is in the final preparation for publication.


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