The second edition of the Nepal Rural Film Festival is going to be held in the coming Baisakh.

Raghunath Sapkota, the chairman of the festival, informed that the purpose of the festival organized by Celebrity Nepal is to promote tourism and bring Nepali films to the rural market.

According to him, films based on original Nepali rural stories will be included in the festival. Chairman Sapkota informed that film registration has been called for the festival.

Swadeshi short films, documentaries, feature films and vernacular films made in the village environment will participate in the festival. The films selected by the jury team will be screened in state-of-the-art technology and the best film will be awarded.

Sapkota said that the main objective of the festival is to attract the audience to original Nepali films and make them habit of watching films regularly, to bring the films made on rural stories to the world and to promote the language, art, culture and tourism of the local area. According to him, the film development board has cooperated in the festival. Last year the festival was held at Laprak in Gorkha.


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