Kathmandu. Astro Anil Thapa, born in Sarlahi district Hariwan, is an astrologer by profession. Along with his career as an astrologer, he is also active in the field of Nepali art. He was interested in art from a young age. Astro Anil Thapa’s recorded more than a dozen songs.

Sometimes he also appears in music videos. He is interested in all forms of art and is constantly active in writing, music and acting. He has been continuously active since a few years ago with the passion to take some time off from his astrology work and do something in Nepali art and music.

He has acted in almost a dozen songs. Thapa, who entered this field as a lyricist and musician, wants to introduce himself in acting. His first recorded song is ‘Ma Mare Pani’ which has his own words, music and vocals. A national devotional song with the lyrics of ‘Yo Desha Janman Paye’ in his voice and a new song in the voice of singer Shiv Pariyar with his words, music and acting is about to be released. His other 4 songs are also ready to be released.


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