Fashion choreographer and Media person is assigned as the choreographer for international pageant named as HERITAGE PAGEANTS 2023 being held in Bangkok, Thailand. For the fulfillment of the responsibility been assigned Mr. Shakya has departed for Bangkok. The event is been scheduled from 18th of November till 27th November 2023 and finale of the event is scheduled for 25th November 2023 at Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Shakya from Nepal and Wesley Saw from Malaysia would be joining hands for overall stage presentation of Heritage Pageants 2023. Other than choreography Rojin would also be emceeing the event. The event is being organized under the banner of Eplanet Pte Limited, Singapore headed by Santosh Sapkota. The event would be coordinated by Susan Sanfurni Koh from Singapore with Support of Fontip Sriwarnyoo from Thailand, the winner of Mrs. Heritage international 2023.

Rojin with an expansive career spanning over a quarter century of professional experience has gained significant expertise in a wide range of areas. His extensive journey showcases his adaptability and achievements across diverse fields that majorly includes fashion choreography, international pageantry training, personality coaching, fashion journalism, emceeing, news reading etc. Besides Heritage Pageants, Mr. Shakya has also performed his role as the fashion choreographer for other international events like Miss Mermaid Singapore, Model Superstar Mumbai and Miss Tamang World.


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