The seventh branch of Facial House, operated by beautician Sushma Mehra, has opened at CG Landmark in Bharatpur. Chitrasen Adhikari, deputy chief of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality, inaugurated the Facial House Chitwan branch. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the expansion of Facial House will be useful in Bharatpur’s Samridvi Yatra. He expressed his belief that businesses related to Souryand will get more support while building Smart City Bharatpur.

Susma Mahara, managing director of Facial House, said that the branches of Facial House will be gradually expanded to other locations as customers start looking for quality services across the country. “The desire to look beautiful has been present to everyone since the beginning of creation, she said, with the change of time, this desire is increasing in both men and women.”

She said that in today’s competitive time, along with the intellectual ability of a person, the importance and need of the person’s covering beauty has started to be given priority. Suman Kumar Shrestha, president of Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, thanked Facial House for investing and establishing business in this place when there was such a situation of economic recession and even the financial sector could not invest.

Facial House, which has its main branch on the fourth floor of Kathmandu Mall, has extended its services to Chawhil KL Tower, Pokhara, Surkhet, Dhangadhi and now Chitwan. Facial House has also introduced new beauty techniques in Nepal. Facial House has been providing many quality services popular in the new generation such as hair, beauty and skin care, artificial eyelash transplant, deadlock.

She said that since the people of Chitwan started looking for quality services, a branch of Facial House was opened with the aim of providing quality services in this place. At the Bharatpur branch of Facial House, more than 15 customers will be able to receive services at the same time. Facial House has been providing a lot of services such as hair, face related problems, makeup, microblading, hair extension in addition to providing beauty training.

The customers of that area will get all the services from Bharatpur branch as they will get from other branches. Facial House has been providing facial services from Hong Kong products. Mahara informed that the facial house, which uses fashionable colors, is also treating chayapoto with a simple method.

“We are providing all services related to beauty,” she said. It has been 16 years since the establishment of Facial House, which has received the award of Nepal’s number one beauty salon. Stating that there has been an increase in name copying in recent times, Mahara has requested all the clients not to fall for the brand of Facial House.


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