Kathmandu,Dakshya International, which has been continuously organizing various beauty contests for a long time, has informed that the ninth edition of ‘Miss Beautiful Nepal’ and the first audition of the eighth edition of ‘Mrs. Beautiful Nepal’ will be held on May 18, 2081 at Royal Alina’s Cafe in Kathmandu.
“Miss and Mrs. Beautiful Nepal” will be chosen from among the contestants included in the selection process from out of valley including the valley on May 18. The organizers said that those who want to participate in the audition from all over the country can be contacted.
Tekraj Pandey, president of Daksha International, said that this program was organized to help the competitors to come forward as a well-educated person by developing their leadership skills, including educational development, personality development, confidence enhancement, opportunities for employment as well as uncovering their inner potential.


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