Name: Mrs. Urmila ( Panta) Bhandari : Mrs.Beautiful Nepal 2020 Winner with most talent & viewer’s choice award

Birth place: Thansing Nuwakot

Adress: Paiyautar Kathmandu

Height:5.4 Hobby:Acting,Singing,Poetry

Aim:Being a successful social worker


First of all ,I would like to thanks Dakshya International Pvt.Ltd .for organizing this pageant Mrs. Beautiful Nepal 2020 and having me as a candidate and giving me an opportunity to hold the trophy and sway the crown of Mrs. Beautiful Nepal 2020.This has been one of my greatest achievement of all time and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Mr.Tek Raj Pandey sir for having faith in me and I would also like to mention special thanks to Mr. Aswini Jha sir for filling me up with motivation .I would like to express my sincere thankfulness to all my family members,relatives and loved ones because all the inspiration and support I got was primarily from them.Finally I would like to say that the thing I achieved is not easy and needs a lot of will power bravery and hard work but if I could do it,then you can too.”Failure will never overtake you, if you determination to succeed is strong enough” Thanks



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