Miss Mexico Venessa Ponce De Leon has been crowned as Miss World 2018. After entering the Top 5, Miss Mexico won hearts with her beautiful smile and the off-shoulder ivory gown with fine silver embellished details.


Miss Mexico Venessa Ponce De Leon has been crowned as Miss World 2018. In the grand coronation of 68th edition of Miss World Pageant that concluded in the evening of 8th of December 2018 at Sanya City, China, Venessa became first ever Mexican Woman to be crowned as Miss World. Miss Thailand Nicolene Limsnukan completed as runner-up.

With the revised format in Miss World this year, a diva from each continent was been declared as Miss World Continental Queen and were finalized as the top five finalists of this year’s pageant.

Quilin Abenakyo from Uganda became 2018 Miss World Africa, Nicolene Limsnukan from Thailand became 2018 Miss World Asia & Oceania, Kadijah Robinson from Jamaica became 2018 Miss World Caribbean, Maria Vasilevich from Belarus became 2018 Miss World Europe and Venessa Ponce De Leon from Mexico became 2018 Miss World Americas. But as Venessa eventually won the title award of Miss World 2018. The other semifinalist from continent Americas, Solaris Barba from Panama was declared as 2018 Miss World Americas.

The five finalists of Miss World 2018 each faced an individual question from former Miss Worlds of various editions. And finally depending on the global audience voting and scores given by the panel of judges of the final event, the new queen of Miss World pageant was been declared.

Prior to this the top 30 of Miss World 2018 was been introduced where judges selected 13 girls who made to the top 30. They were Miss People’s Republic of China, Cook Islands, Belarus, Belgium, Northern Ireland, Miss Russia, Miss Scotland, Miss Nigeria, Miss South Africa, Miss Panama, Miss Martinique, Miss Barbados and Miss Jamaica.

Besides these ladies, Miss Nepal advanced to top 30 via winning Multimedia & Beauty with a Purpose award, Miss France via winning Top Model award, Miss Japan winning Miss Talent award, Miss USA via winning sports challenge award whereas Miss Mauritius, Miss Venezuela, Miss Bangladesh, Miss Chile, Miss Malaysia, Miss India, Miss Singapore, Miss Thailand, Miss Mexico and Miss Uganda reached top 30 winning Head to Head challenge while Miss Indonesia, Miss New Zealand and Miss Vietnam reached top 30 through Beauty with a purpose award.

After the short introductory video from Top 30, top 12 were decided. From Europe, Miss Belarus, Miss France and Miss Scotland made to the top 12. From the Caribbean Miss Jamaica and Miss Martinique made to the Top 12. Miss Mexico and Miss Panama made to the Top 12 from Americas while Miss Mauritius and Miss Uganda secured the positions at the Top 12 of the competition from Africa. Making it to the Top 12 from Asia and Oceania were Miss Nepal, Miss New Zealand and Miss Thailand.

The insight on successful journey of Miss Nepal Shrikhala Khatiwada at Miss World 2018

Miss Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada completed Miss World 2018 being positioned till top 12. She entered top 12 as one the best of three from Asia & Oceania. Earlier She made to top 30 after winning fast track award called Multimedia. She also did earn another fast track category called Beauty with a purpose.

Following two rounds of careful deliberation, a panel of Miss World Judges, as well as Miss World delegates and staff, selected the project of Miss Nepal as the winner of the Beauty with a purpose award from among the 25 videos that were been shortlisted.

The selection process for Beauty with a purpose was held at the Moulin Rouge Theatre at the Mangrove Tree Resort World in Sanya China on 3rd December.

The award-winning Beauty with a purpose video by Shrinkhala Khatiwada is based on Chepang community located at Bharta of Kailash Rural Municipality 7 of Makwanpur District. 34 minute and 41 seconds length of this video reveals how Shrinkhala contributed in designing and building health center for that remote village.

Watch Here; The award-winning Beauty With a purpose video by Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada

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With all activities performed by Shrinkhala right after being the part of Miss World 2018, she showed her active and effective participation in the social media platforms was able to garner attention not only from Nepal but also from different corners of the globe.The fan following, creative content and influence, audience engagements, and actions and reactions in the multimedia platforms Facebook, Instagram, Mobstar, Twitter and ModelPower Live related to her being in Miss World 2018, all made possible Shrinkhala to grab Miss World Multimedia award.

In addition to the usual Miss World Multimedia Challenge this year, the contestants were further required to create their own unique promotional video of Sanya. These videos were been judged by a multimedia panel that also included Mr. Tang, Vice Chief of Sanya Tourism.

The multimedia panel selected the top five videos, voted best Sanya Tourism Promotional videos. Among the top five in this category, Shrinkhala Khatiwada from Nepal scored third position. Kenya scored as the winner of Sanya Tourism Promotional Video Award.

Prior to this Shrinkhala positioned herself in Top 20 in the first round of head to head challenge beating the other group members of her group 13 that comprised of delegates from Luxembourg, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Guam and Moldova including Nepal. Being the winner of Group 13 in Head to Head Challenge Shrinkhala faced Miss Singapore in the second round of the challenge but could not make herself to Top Ten of Head to Head Challenge. Earlier, Shrinkhala was among top 32 in one of the fast track awards called Miss World Top Model.


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