Kathmandu- A fashion show will be held in Japan in August, models from many countries including India and Nepal will participate

Dehradun-based film director and actor Lucky Khan has been creating horror films in Japan and is garnering a lot of praise. He also has a YouTube channel called Be Aware Lucky Khan Presents on YouTube.
Lucky Khan told on the phone that he is also organizing a fashion show for the emerging artists of India and Japan in the month of August, in which the participants will be awarded with crowns and trophies.

He said that senior journalist Pradeep Phutela from Uttarakhand will be present in this event as the co-organizer.

He said that by making ghost horror movies while living in Japan, the name of our country India is being brightened. He has recently made a film called Jesus Power. People liked this film a lot.

There are many ghostly places in Japan where he will shoot the next shot films. It is also said that shooting in Japan is very difficult. In this film, the actors Lucky Khan, Liaquat Ali, Anjam Shamshad, Baba played the role of the ghost .


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