The voting round of the reality show Nation’s Got Talent Show, which has singing and dancing performances by participants aged 8 to 13 years from all over the country, has started. Therefore, the journey of the best 12 contestants will depend on the votes cast by the audience who live in the country and abroad.

The grand premiere stage of the civilized and magnificent reality show of singing and dancing genre has been completed recently. Out of the 26 participants selected in the audition round from different places of the country, the best 16 were selected based on the jury’s decision, and the best 12 were selected in both categories. The purpose of the reality show, which is being broadcast every Tuesday and Wednesday on AP1 Television, Nepal’s first HD channel, is to find the potential of emerging talents in the field of singing and dancing for tomorrow.

In the singing category, famous singer Anand Karki and another popular singer Devika Bandana are the judges, while in the dance category, Mithila Sharma, the most popular artist of Nepali dance and acting field, and another well-known actress Gauri Malla are in the jury. was there

The voting round of the program conducted by comedians Daman Rupakheti and Pranima Dahal has started. The project head/director of the program, Lob Bahadur Karki, said that the responsibility of encouraging the future heritage of Nepali singing and dancing and supporting them from their respective positions for further enhancement of their art and voice is now in the hands of the audience. You can vote through online payment.


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