Kathmandu- World-renowned lyricist and novelist Dr. DR Upadhyaya’s new song ‘Man Bigartyo Stree Jataile’ has been made public. The video of the song ‘Man Bigartyo Stree Jataile, Tan Bigartyo Lokalko Mataile’ has been made public through DR Music Creation.

The song has music and music composition by Babul Giri, mixing and mastering by HBN Kismat and voice by Pratap Das and Rachna Rimal.

The video of the song directed by Michael Chand features Pushpa Khadka, Sudhir Shrestha, Priyana Acharya and Usha Upreti. The video for the song, sung by Anita Gwacha, is choreographed by Michael Step Up Art and Academy. The romantic style video is shot by Utsav Dahal and the video is edited and colored by Shilan Lamsal. Director Michael Chand said that the video of the song with a different taste was presented to the audience.He has set 108 world records, including Guinness Book of World Records for music and various genres. Hundreds of songs and videos from Upadhyaya’s 33 song album have come to the audience. Similarly, his ‘Bajraghat’, ‘Tyagi’, ‘Bhagyachakra’, ‘Apavitra Chhaya’, ‘Swarthi’, ‘Bituli’, ‘Extra’, ‘Dagabaj’, ‘Adhuro Prem’, ‘Sapnaki Rani’, ‘Kafi Love’, Novels like ‘Meri Priya’ and ‘Virus Love’ have come to the readers. Renowned lyricist Dr. Upadhyay has been honored with dozens of awards.



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