Under the direction of Suman Kumar Shrestha and Roshan Bhattarai, ‘Phool jhai Komal Timi’ was released in  Songwriter Roshan Bhattarai, who has been active in songwriting since 2062, has released a new song, Phool Jhain Komal Timi.

Senior singer Anand Karki, who has made his identity as a romantic singer, Ghazal Samrat, mainly in the Nepali music field, has composed music by senior musicians Tara Prakash Limbu and Yumesh, while the music composition is by Phanindra Rai. The video featuring the performance of lyricist Roshan Bhattarai has been jointly directed and conceptualized by singer and journalist Suman Kumar Shrestha and lyricist Bhattarai.


Actress Namrata Sapkota and model Kamal Singh have full romance and strong acting in the video, shot by senior cinematographer Raju Kc, edited by Nirajan Kc and make-up by senior make-up artist Ashok Rokka. The video has been released through the official YouTube channel of lyricist Roshan Bhattarai.


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