Kathmandu- On Wednesday, a different scene was seen at the very busy Mall City Center in Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu. Even the people who came for shopping were doing strange things. The occasion was the public event of world record songwriter and novelist Dr. DR Upadhyay’s new album ‘Isha’ in the crowd of hundreds of people who came to shop at the mall.

Dr. Chudamani Devkota, the current president of the Songwriters Association, hosted Dr. Upadhyay’s album ‘Isha’, a video collection of 45 songs, has been launched. The album was launched by the chief guest Devkota along with the creator Dr. Upadhyay, media person Tulasi Giri, Bhola Adhikari, Shubash Pradhan, Niraj Dahal, CD designer Ramesh Thapa, Yama Bahadur and others.

Devkota, the chief guest at the ceremony, congratulated and wished Sarjak Upadhyay while bringing his creations to the listeners/audiences, while publicizing them in a separate and separate way, he also publicized them in a separate way in the city center. He said, ‘Dr. who always publicizes his creations in a separate way. Upadhyay has also released the ‘Isha’ album in a different way. I would like to wish him the best for creating more in the field of Nepali music.

In a similar event, journalist Tulasi Giri congratulated Dr. Upadhyay and congratulated him saying that it was because of his different style of work that he had succeeded in keeping 110 records in music and various fields. Other guests also congratulated and wished him for his new work as well as his new album.

In the program, the record songwriter Dr. Upadhyay said that he presents his creations in a different way every time and also publicizes them in a different way, so this album was also released among a large number of customers in the mall.

14 novels of Dr. Upadhyay, who has made 110 world records in music and various genres, have come to readers and hundreds of songs of different styles have come to listeners/viewers. His latest novel ‘Kashur’ was released some time ago.


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