Kathmandu – Nabaraj Shrestha is a successful young businessman who has been active in the business sector for more than a decade and a half. Shrestha who entered the capital in 2000 A.D. for higher education, he completed his graduation, and worked in various furnishing companies for almost three years, and started his own business for the first time in the capital by registering his own company called Unique Flooring and Finishing in the year 2006 A.D.

Since the last one and half decade ago, Shrestha has been imparting services through his own four companies: Narephant Furnishing, N.S. Liquors, Shrestha Taxi Services and Unique Flooring and Furnishing. Shrestha who was born at Ward No. 7, Makaibari of Bhimeshwor Municipality of Dolakha, had been helping his father in his business since his young age. Youth businessman Mr. Shrestha told that as his father was doing wholesale and retail business at Dolakha since the year 1975 A.D., so, he was also influenced by the work of his father, and he forayed into the field of business.

Shrestha’s business has grown due to his patience, perseverance, friendliness and melodious speech. Shrestha, who has been providing concessional services to the general public through the taxi business, has been selling and distributing various brands of liquors made in Nepal not only in the Nepalese market but also in the foreign market, and has been adding it to the production of quality goods that will increase the demand in the international market. It is said that the production is increasing as the furnishing goods are also taking a very good market. The demand for products produced by businessman Shrestha has increased greatly in the Nepali market. Due to the demand exceeding the production, now Shrestha seems to be very busy to expand his services and increase the production.

Shrestha’s business success has been praised and respected by various organizations and the general public. Various for-profit and non-profit organizations have also given honors and awards in recognition of Shrestha’s hard work and success. Prithvi Parikrama Award 2016, organized by Box Office International Group and Nepal Bhasa Event Award 2018 have also been given to Shrestha. Similarly, youth businessman was honored with Birat Music & Film Award 2021. Successful Young Entrepreneur Award was given at the third-anniversary program of Power International Media Nepal (PIM Nepal) and the successful young businessman award was also given at the 38th anniversary of the National Press Club of Nepal. Similarly, Bal Sarathi, Nepal Meter Taxi Entrepreneur Association, Bhaktapur Industry, and Commerce Association, Bal Chhahari, Sitaji Foundation, and other associations have been active in various activities.

Nabaraj Shrestha, a young businessman who is preparing to take Nepali brands to the international level in a more powerful way, has also invested in Nepali music and some movies. Young Mr. Shrestha, who has the idea that there is nothing greater than work and hard work, nothing is impossible if he works hard, has already achieved important success in his life. Expanding his business since the last three years, Mr. Shrestha has also started business in the Nepali stock market.

Shrestha in the eye of youths who want to enter into the sector of business is a youth businessman who have succeeded in becoming an idol and a guide in the eyes of young people. Businessman Mr. Shrestha has become an exemplary personality for those who think that business can be successful only with large amount of money and investment. Many examples can be seen of many young generations following Shrestha’s path. Shrestha has proved that goals can be achieved only with honesty, hard work and persistence.


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