At the moment, the Nepali movie ‘Chauka Dau’ is on the number one trending spot on YouTube. This movie was released only two days ago on ‘OSR Digital’ YouTube channel. The story and music of Chauka Dau, a successful movie that became trending in a short period of time, is written by a distinguished composer, Shambhujeet Baskota.

Directed by Purnendu Jha, the film stars Santosh Panta, Taiyav Shah, Wilson Vikram Rai, Ravindra Jha, Varsha Sivakoti, Nirmal Sharma and others. The movie is produced by Shauryajit Baskota.

The movie has been presented in an excellent manner through satire on corruption and corruption which is rampant in Nepal. In the movie, the story of awakening and public awareness about the end of women’s exploitation is shown in a poignant and entertaining manner.


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