The condition of the country is becoming critical day by day
The title of “Miss Inter-Continental Nepal-2024” Dr. Ayushnova has been received by Dhungana. Dr. Dhungana has won the title of Miss Intercontinental in ‘Mr and Miss National Nepal-2024’ along with the sub-title of ‘Miss Elegance’.

Three other winners including ‘Miss Inter-Continental Nepal’ were also selected in the competition. Under that, Sajina Khanal won the title of ‘Miss Supra National-2024’ and Dheerajkaji Basnet won the title of ‘Mr Supranational 2024’. Monika Adhikari won the title of ‘Miss Global Nepal-2024’ and Kshitij Shrestha Chhetri won the title of ‘Mr International Nepal 2024’.


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