Tekraj Pandey (Raj Pandey) of Arghakhanchi after low suffering and struggle  He has now made a name for himself as an established makeup artist in the Nepali art, modeling and film fields. Tekraj, who suffered the loss of his mother at an early age, was forced to endure patriarchal grief while studying in class 5 22 years ago. Due to which he went to India and studied Plus Two along with Computer Marketing, Bank Agency Salesboy, Packing Worker, Worked as a sales technical trainer at a makeup studio. Pandey, who returned to Nepal after completing her makeup training in India after working in Doha, Qatar, has now become a beauty pageant organizer. Pandey, who has been shining the make-up of various artists and models by appearing on music sets and film sets, has been organizing various beauty pageants through Daksha International Pvt. Ltd. Here is an interview with Pandey, who has been starring behind more than 500 music videos, some films, and more than a thousand commercials for artists and models:

Q.How did you get into makeup?
I was struggling to go to India when I was young. Later, my brother told me how much he was sad to live there and I went to Doha on his brother’s advice. While living in Qatar, producer and musician Deepak Raman’s favorite film was released in Qatar. I marketed that film. Seeing my hard work, he said, “If you can do something in Nepal, come, we will welcome you.” I loved art since I was young but I didn’t have the height to be a hero. Inspired by Deepakji, I returned to Nepal thinking that I would become a professional makeup artist and went to Delhi to learn makeup. I had done makeup before when I was living in India, but after spending a good amount of money in Delhi, I did a makeup course and came to Nepal and struggled.


Q.What made you choose the makeup area?
Since I like the film industry, I wanted to make a name for myself in this field. The idea of ​​making a name for myself as a makeup artist came to me instead of becoming an artist because of my short stature. I struggled a lot in this field, I am also getting fruits.

Q.What were the struggles of Lagdakheri in makeup art?
After learning makeup from India, I initially started Raj Beauty Parlor in the headquarters of my own village Arghakhanchi. But, I came to Kathmandu to run Raj Makeup Studio saying that people who have learned in India should show their art to more people than working in such a small space. In the early days, he carried a box of makeup and searched for work, saying that the movie would be a music video. During that time many people gave me work and I got to show my skills.

Q.Which is easier, movie, music video, and ad makeup?
In the film, you have to work hard for months, you have to stay out of the house for months. Music videos and advertisements take a day or two. Even if you go to work in the afternoon, you can return home in the evening. Earnings are also good in music videos and advertisements. This makes it easier to work on music videos and advertisements. This is also beneficial in terms of earnings.


Q.What kind of makeup do you think you could get?
Now new types of makeup are coming. But, I do all the makeup that works in Nepal and I have been teaching. I teach makeup of more than 50 concepts in training. There are different makeups according to the time, program, and season. I have been teaching makeup for winter, summer, party, heavy party, outdoor, indoor swimming pool, waterproof makeup glitter, seamer, stage, music video, bridal, etc. Now I want to do some new makeup.

Q.What kind of character makes makeup difficult?
I am a beauty makeup artist. For this reason, I have the ability to do all the makeup that falls under beauty makeup. Of course, makeup can never be learned. This is a deep art. I am also teaching others what I have learned through training. Many people remember that I teach well. Old beauticians also come to me to learn makeup. Glad to see it.

Q.Whose makeup is easier to wear on a new face?
For me, there is no difference between old and new facial makeup. But, it is a little easier to do makeup on the face. They know a lot about makeup. But, people have to do makeup according to their own choice. Some seek natural makeup, while others prefer heavy makeup. Often the new ones look for new and the old ones look for old ones. But, I am always trying to look naturally good according to their choice.


Q.What kind of makeup is left to do now?
There is a lot of makeup to be used in the film, such as bleeding and make-up-like makeup. There is no such scope of makeup in Nepal. There is no budget for such work. Low-budget films are made in Nepal. Even if it is a high-budget film, it is difficult to raise money. In India, a makeup artist earns Rs 10 million from the same film. It is difficult to earn Rs 1 lakh in Nepal. The makeup artist has not been paid according to his hard work, even though he has shown great art.


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