Kathmandu. A group of national photojournalists is going to take initiative for the release of Indian photographers in Jhapa jail. Chairman of the Photo Journalists Group, Pradeepraj Onta, has said that he will take initiative for the release of the 24-year-old Durlabh Roy Chaudhary, who has been in custody for the past seven months. “I went to the jail in Jhapa and met him. Other studies have shown that he is a professional photographer and photojournalist.

He was remanded in custody after a case was registered against him in the district court for money laundering. His case has not even reached the hearing process as the necessary process for prosecuting the case has not been completed. Rare Roy Chaudhary, 24, of Howrah, near Kolkata, India, is an Indian photographer and blogger.

Chaudhary, who works as a freelance photographer in various organizations including National Geographic, Practical Photography, World Street Photobook and Times of India, was arrested from Bhadrapur airport for coming to Nepal carrying photocopies of dollars.

Durlabh was arrested along with 226 dollar notes on his way to Kathmandu from Bhadrapur Airport in Jhapa at 4 pm on December 20. According to the police report, while searching the body and bag on the way to Kathmandu from Bhadrapur, 226 US currency notes of Rs 100 each were found with Chaudhary. Chaudhary was sent to the District Police Office, Jhapa with the note.

Living in Kolkata, India, he was interested in rare photography and video blogging. After passing class 12, he wanted to further his education in photography. But in 2015, Rare’s father died of cancer. After the death of a breadwinner in a family with only one father, one mother, and one child, Rare could not get the education he wanted. And after passing class 12, he made photography his profession.

He started raising his mother from the same profession. During this time he started working as a freelance photographer in various fields including National Geography, Practical Photography, World Street Photobook, Times of India.

From this, his income started getting better. Rarely did he start making short movies, documentaries and video blogs. Durlabh also recently opened a YouTube channel called Sniper Monk Travels and started making travel blogs and documentaries for it. Even after reaching other countries, Durlabh, who has created travel blogs, wanted to create a travel blog about the natural beauty of Nepal.

Rare came to Nepal from Kolkata via Jalpaiguri after being able to travel and create a travel blog. As the ticket to Kathmandu directly from Delhi or Mumbai became expensive, he bought a plane ticket from Kakadbhitta in Jhapa and reached the airport. At the same time, the police had recovered a 226-dollar photocopy-like note from Durlabh.


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