The song of the movie ‘Premgunj’ ‘Majja Audai Chha’ has been released. The public song has revealed a very strong sense of love. The song has lyrics by Purushottam Dhungel and voice and music by Kiran Bhushal. Supriya Khanal and Rider Prashan are featured in the song of the movie directed by Pariparchad Sen.

Tej Giri, Benisha Hamal, Sampada Baniya and other actors are also acting in the movie, which is based on the script. Anantaman Shrestha is the executive producer of the film, which is directed by Sanjay Lama.

The movie featuring Raju Phuyal, who worked as a spot actor for a long time, was made under the banner of Chauthari. The movie will be screened from 3rd of August.


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