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Kathmandu. The video of the song ‘Saathi’ in the voice of singers Yam Baral and Bishwa Nepali has been released. This song, which was released at a press conference in Kathmandu on Wednesday, has lyrics by Kiran K Upreti, arrangement and music by Pushkar Sunuwar, recording and mixing by Biplav Adhikari.

The video of the song features Sanjit Bhandari and Meg Subedi. The story of a friend from childhood to adulthood is presented in the video.

Directed by Kuwer Tamang, the video has concept by Meg Subedi, cinematography by Buddha Thapa and team, editing by Vivek Sunar, color by Shyam Kunwar, script by Utsav Paudel, assistant direction by Mohan Sunuwar (Naveen), production design by Nirmal Neupane.

The video produced by Sejal and Sister’s performance has been released on Sejal and Sister’s YouTube channel.

In the program, singer Yam Baral revealed that he agreed to collaborate on the song because he was attracted by the words of the song.

Actor Sanjit Bhandari, who has also worked in some movies, said that it will be a different taste for the general audience. The movie in which he acted, ‘Chitthi’ will be released in May. Bhandari, who has shown strong acting skills in various movies, is also busy in music videos.

Meg, the model in the video, said that the song represents the feelings of the general audience as the song presents the relationship between close friends. Meg acted for the first time.

Meg, who has earned fame as a social worker, has been in America for a long time and has been involved in various businesses. Recently, Subedi, who is known as a social worker in Nepal, helped more than 2.5 million during the Jajarkot earthquake. During the disaster in Nepal, his support has been unparalleled.

Subedi, who started an organization in the name of his two daughters Sejal and Sister, is doing various social work and is very popular as a social worker in the camps of East Jhapa and Morang. Subedi, which has been allocating crores annually for the poor, is also in the process of business expansion in Nepal.


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