Today, wai wai Glockal Teen Hero Nepal has announced that applications are open for the eighth edition. This year’s Glocal Teen Hero Nepal will be announced through the awards program and conference on September 1, 2022. wai wai Glocal Teen Hero, Glocal Pvt. Is a program where the inspiration and enthusiasm of the adolescents is displayed and their effective work in the society is appreciated and recognized among others. wai wai Glocal Teen Hero is a platform that not only recognizes the actions of teenagers but also helps them unleash their talents.

Through this degree, more energy will be provided to the adolescents for the development of entrepreneurial thinking and creative start. Starting from Nepal in 2015, targeting only adolescents in Kathmandu, it expanded its work nationwide to provide a national platform for all adolescents in Nepal by 2016.

So far, seven teenagers from Nepal have been honored as Glocal Teen Hero Nepal, three from Glocal Teen Hero India and two from Sri Lanka. In addition, 140 people have been honored so far by selecting 20 under 20s. Glocal Tin Hero aims to promote itself among South Asian nations.

Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Nepal is scheduled to be held on September 1, 2022. This program will be conducted in the presence of personalities from education, entrepreneurship, diplomacy and other various fields. It will also be a live stream through the Glocal Teen Hero Facebook page and various media televisions. From the first phase of opening the application this year, all the work including the announcement of Glocal Teen Hero Nepal will be carried out physically.

Influential teenagers across the country carry a new way of thinking, ideas and possibilities and new dimensions of social change in themselves. Even at a young age, big dreams and new endeavors have shown that thinking is not the age to transform the society.

Talented adolescents who have demonstrated their skills in various fields including social service, journalism, robotics, computer programming, entrepreneurship and social consciousness, environmental protection, social transformation work, can fill the free application through In addition, you will be able to nominate wonderful teenagers you know.

In the first phase, the total number of applications will be announced on the basis of interview and document review. The best 6 will then be selected based on the beginning and impact of their work and in the final stage there will be an interview for measuring the personality criteria, domain knowledge and vision of 6 people and the winner of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2022 will be announced.


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