The song ‘Maya Hunchha Bhanan’ has been released with the music of famous musician Shambhujit Baskota and the voice of popular singer Ramakrishna Dhakal. The video of the song, which has lyrics by lyricist Gyanendra Gadal and arranged by Dixit Paudel, was released on Thursday by Music Nepal in a ceremony in Kathmandu.

Veteran musician Shambhujit Baskota, singer Ram Krishna Dhakal, Music Nepal president Santosh Sharma, director Nikesh Khadka and others were present in the program. The song’s music video features singer Dhakal and actress Keki Adhikari.

Directed by Nikesh Khadka, the video has Buddha Thapa’s camera and Vikas Dhamala’s editing. The video of the song has been released simultaneously on Music Nepal’s YouTube channel, Momo apps produced by Music Nepal and more than 60 digital platforms. In the program, singer Ramakrishna Dhakal had fun singing once again and hooting from the audience while singing some live songs.

Lyricist Gyanendra Gadal, who has been living in Colorado for a long time, is constantly writing Nepali songs, stories, poems, ghazals and other literary works.


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